Ole Bouman

With the publication of this digital annual report, the NAI finds itself on the threshold of The New Institute, the organisation that will result from the merger of the NAI, Premsela and Virtual Platform, created at the instigation of former State Secretary for Culture Halbe Zijlstra. Since that decision, much hard work has been done to create the optimal conditions for a new beginning. As far as the NAI is concerned, we are happy to contribute an enthusiastic public and a number of substantial partnerships, a committed team of experts, and a welcoming building that hosts a range of new education facilities and magnificent exhibitions.

But that is not all. The title of the new policy plan to which the NAI has contributed intensively says it all: Creativity as a Necessity. There is the prospect of a wonderful mission full of activities made possible by substantial funding. I wish director Guus Beumer and the colleagues at Premsela, Virtual Platform and my beloved NAI all the success in the world.

Ole Bouman





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