Ole Bouman

We are pleased to present the results of a fruitful and exciting year in this annual report. In the recent years the NAI has focused on restoring the ties between architecture and society. In 2012, for example, the NAI museum for architecture has seen visitor numbers increase by over 40% to almost 150,000 visitors. The professional community at home and abroad has benefited from the continuous flow of ideas from ‘Architecture of Consequence’, the institute’s multi-year agenda of innovation. NAI Platform organised weekly lectures and debates, culminating with the lecture by the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels at De Doelen, attended by over 1,700 people. At the behest of the NAI, architects became innovators in such fields as public health, affordable housing, energy transition, and economic value creation. The NAI’s unique collection attracted a large audience through the continued development of the UAR smartphone app, social media, and the new permanent exhibitions, with plenty of attention for young people. Internationally, the NAI earned prizes and praise with its biennale contributions in Shenzhen and Venice. The year closed with the première of an exhibition that is already causing a storm internationally: ‘Louis Kahn – The Power of Architecture’.

The management period that began in 2007 has now come to a close. Thanks to the versatile NAI Team, the promises I made five years ago to bring the institute closer to society have been kept. I would like to thank everybody involved — our public, our partners, and the Dutch public — for supporting the NAI as a celebrated brand within the Dutch cultural landscape. I am handing on all this goodwill, a renovated building, and a healthy financial situation with my own best wishes to The New Institute.

Ole Bouman





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